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We are currently putting together a complete price list for advertising on Texas Scene. If you want to get DEEP DISCOUNTS please contact us before we get the price list posted.
Jim Price

We are looking for someone to set up a statewide/nationwide advertising sales network.

If you are used to using newspaper or magazine ads, you will find internet advertising a refreshing change.
We can usually  post your ad in less than five(5) business days.)
No waiting until the next issue for corrections!
In the rare instance that we  have a mistake, we try to make corrections within 48 hours.)
Less expensive and more accessible to your targeted audience.
Pricing for advertising in Texas Scene Magazine will be posted soon!)


Texas Scene can put together many different advertising packages to fill your needs and fit your budget. Link Ads, full page ads, banner ads, or text ads, or a combination of them all. Contact us so we can put together a package for you. Be sure to ask about discount packages.




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