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Dare Ware Sinful Xmas Party 2002
The Lotus Lounge - 412 Main St

A corset clad human chandelier swinging 15 feet over the crowd was the first eye catcher upon entering the Lotus Lounge. During the VIP party, the upstairs bars were overpouring with all the free champagne and wine for our special guests to drink. Along side the bar was the impressive feast of edibles that stretched the entire length of the upstairs! Entertainment started center stage with the beautiful Ishtar bellydancing. Things heated up quickly with fire breathing and fire dancing. Dancefloors filled up with beautiful bodies in fabulous outfits. The Grinch teased and taunted the crowd and handed out goodies for all those naughty girls and boys. Upstairs Mistress’ sat regally holding court over their slaves while watching dancers move to the rhythms of DJ Nicknight. Meanwhile, back downstairs a burlesque balloon dance followed more bellydancing by Ishtar and the enchanting Jaci kept the audience spellbound. DJ Kung Fu Pimp rocked the house until 4 am when we finally called it a night. From the looks of it a great time was had by all!

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