The Pretty Things Peep Show
Burlesque Beauties
By:  Ms. Misha MorÍ

This fabulous vintage burlesque style touring show is made up of Suicide Girl, dancer and pin up queen, Bettina May from Canada, Suicide Girl and pin up girl, gypsy starlet Go-Go Amy from Hollywood, CA.  The other two ladies of danger are from the World Famous Brother's Grim Sideshow and Coney Island Sideshow in New York City Miss Heather Holliday, the sword swallowing phenomenom and Angelica Insectavora, the tattooed sideshow wonder and the host with the mostest, Mr. Vincent Drambuie from Seattle, WA.  And last but not least Troupe Manager Extraordinaire, Bryce.   
They have performed both together and separately all over the world.  Some of their more notable achievements are the Vans Warped Tour, Ozzfest (with Ozzy Osborne), West Coast Riot/Metaltown Music festivals in Gothenburg Sweden. They have appeared on Television on HBO's Real Sex series, Miami Ink, The Girls Next Door, The Discovery Channel, TLC and QVC and have been in music videos for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dave Grohl/Lemmy's band, Probot. 
What sets these ladies apart from the vast majority like them is that The Pretty Things Peepshow is more than just glamorous tasseled ladies; they are reminiscence of classic vaudeville shows with comedy, amazing feats of sword swallowing and fire-eating, and singing with a modern, sophisticated edge.
Another entertaining segment of this show is their Stage Maid Contest, where the performers open up the part of the stage maid or the pickup artist to the public.  The lucky winner of each local contest gets all glamed up in a sexy French maidís outfit and joins the ladies on stage for the show, helping in scene changes and assisting Vincent Drambuie in his comedic routines.  And Miss Bettie Bangs fit the role so perfectly for this show. 
One of the more interesting sideshow performances I witnessed was the "The Chinese Execution Blade Box" act which is a tradition of the sideshow.  It consists of a Speaker and a Contortionist.  In the act, the contortionist gets into the Chinese execution blade box and after she has contorted herself around the blades, the audience is invited up to the stage to view her in the box.  It is an enjoyable reciprocal way for the audience to participate in the show.
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