The Outlaw Masked Ball 2003

Houston, Texas

The 610 Arena
By: Mistress Misha Morę
Photos by: Jim Price

The good folks of KLOL continued on the Halloween tradition with Outlaw Dave hosting and JACKYL performing live at FestEvil...the Nightclub with an Evil Twist. There was also the creative use of the pumpkin contest wherein contstants won ZZ Top concert tickets, an S&M show by Mistress Paine and the best Halloween costume contest with $1,500 awarded in cash and prizes.

Straight outta DIXIE, the original bad-asses of southern rock were back! JACKYL was relentless. After selling more than three million albums collectively during the group’s highly infamous, yet distinguished career, JACKYL keeps going…and…going, and just like the energizer bunny, never lets up. JACKYL has long been recognized as one of the hardest working bands in Rock `n Roll.  Always putting its money where its mouth is, JACKYL consistently brings its music straight to the fans, no matter what the consequences. Trends may come, and trends may go, but JACKYL remains strong and true, kicking out straight-up, loud, proud and honest Rock n Roll. The just released album, RELENTLESS officially marking Halloween week. They remain bigger than life, are now four times as ugly, and more lethal than ever.

Everyone got the UNEXPECTED!  See you all at next year's masked ball!

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