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Dare Ware Fetish Ball 2002
Hyperia - 2001 Commerce

With cheeky slave boys and the human disco ball, the night began with a bang! Many of you enjoyed the complimentary spread, and were fed strawberries dipped in chocolate by our human buffet. The Lizard Man shocked all with his over-the-top look and amazing feats of body manipulation. After the performance from Lizard Man, Mistress Genevieve captivated the audience with dominance over her impish adrogynous submissive. Then the lovely Portia Surreal was next, taunting us with her kitty toys and rewarding herself with a sensuous milk bath. The highlight of the evening was the second performance by CoRE as they suspended disbelief with their breathtaking show of the control over mental and physical boundries. All said and done, this Ball was a blast! Many of you had your picture taken, many of you played in the dungeon, and many danced the night away! Hopefully everyone had as much fun as we did. Don't hang up your dancing shoes just yet, the next party is not far away!


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