South by Burlesque II - Scandalous Sinema
By:  Ms. Misha Morę

Scandalous Sinema, an epic of erotic proportions weaved a tangled web of scandal and shocking moments throughout eras of a bygone age. Burlesque Starlets from across America re-enacted the steamiest stories from Tinseltown.
Innocent Starlets came to the the main stage emulating the goddesses and the muses of the silver screen in their steamiest roles ever; leaving Austin tainted and used up like Fatty Arbuckle's empty coke bottle.
The show is produced by Guerrilla Monster Films and Lunatic Fringe Burlesque. Victoria Renard, a former burlesque dancer who went under the stage name "Candy Whiplash: The Texas Tease" is one of the producers of the show during South By Southwest about three years back called South By Burlesque which included several members of The Velvet Hammer from L.A. and some of the original Atomic Bombshells from New Orleans. And Jim Rosnack or short for Roz, the other Producer Extraordinaire of Lunatic Fringe Burlesque.
The show was held at Emo's Lounge, which is one of the largest venues in Austin.
In keeping with the theme of the film festival, each performer based their acts off of famous Hollywood scandals and shocking moments of film. Hollywood Babylon Burlesque: Scandalous Sinema using Kenneth Anger's "Hollywood Babylon" books as inspiration and films such as "Taxi Driver" and "Clockwork Orange". Think also of the loves and lives of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield & Liz Taylor, or even someone lesser known like Lupe Valez or Marie Provost. Your interpretation could be literal or very liberal, just so long as it's original.
The headlining international burlesque star Kitten DeVille, hails from Hollywood and is the very vision of cinema’s most iconic sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Performances by· Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (Austin TX)· Bella Beretta (Portland, OR)· Bon Bon Vivant (Austin, TX)· Perle Noire (New Orleans, LA)· Nola Montez (New York, NY)· Cardinal Cyn (Austin TX)· Susan Wayward (Portland, OR)· Leggsy von Hellsmoke (Corpus Christi, TX)· Rosie Rawhyde (Corpus Christi, TX)· Vivian Vavoom (Denver, CO)· Live music performances by The Finer Things (Austin,TX). It doesn’t stop with the sensual stimulation of sight, sound and light that Lunatic Fringe shows are known for, throughout the evening film projections of thenudie-cutie variety will be brought straight to you from the celluloid underbelly of Memphis’ own Guerrilla Monster Films, creators of lo-fi, sci-firock & roll sexploitations "Shine On Sweet Starlet"and "Broad Daylight."
And the show's grand finale, Kitten de Ville showed us all why she is the Queen of the quake and Miss Exotic World 2002. She also produces a successful rock n roll burlesque show and runs her own school of burlesque in her home town of southern California.

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