Synesthesia '06
by: Ms Misha Morê 

Lester Marks, Dr. Penelope Gonzalez, Nancy and Erik Littlejohn, and the Spacetaker Board of Directors chaired the 2006 Spacetaker Gala, Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses. On September 9, 2006, guests were infused and confused by their senses with pleasure, and benefited Spacetaker, Houston's #1 guide for local arts and culture. This dreamy evening unfolded at Lester Marks' remarkable home, which houses one of the finest private art collections in the region.

The host committee were made up of Chris Sanchez, Lexie Masterson, Molly Gochman, Rebekah Johnson, Mark and Katherine Yzaguirre, Jim Peterson Jr., Palmer and Merry Schooley, Elaine Dillard and John Walker, Nicole Haagenson and Zack Zwicky, Claudia Solis, Jennifer Brugh, Barry Mandel, Tim Moloney, Shelby Butera, Carlisle Vandervoort and Gabriela Trzebinski, Toby and Stephanie Lister.

To unify our senses, we began by relishing a delectable cocktail/buffet reception prepared by Chef Luis Pesquera of Joyces Ocean Grill.  Next mingled with a coterie of fascinating folks, absorbed the sexy sounds of DJ Sun, and perused a silent auction of art donated by celebrated Houston artists and businesses. Then pricked up our ears to a puppet show laced with the satirical comedy of Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater. After savoring a signature Spacetaker martini, everyone gathered round the glass atrium and marveled our eyes on the amazing Gie Gie McGee performing a sultry fan dance.

None of this delicious mischief would have been possible without members support and others that help to make this dream a reality.  All underwriters received copious gratitude as well logo recognition on their website.

Established in 2003, Spacetaker gathers and presents on-line all available cultural arts information in Houston. Their mission is to generate greater awareness of and access to artists, arts organizations, and arts events.'s content is comprehensive, up to date, and available 24/7 to anyone with an Internet connection. For Morê additional information, visit

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