Splendid China III -
New Discoveries

By: Ms. Misha Morê

The Shanghai Dance Company made its Houston debut at the Miller Outdoor Theater performing works that depicted the fearless warriors of the Qin dynasty, the elegant and graceful ladies of the Wei Dynasty, the artistic lines of Chinese calligraphy and even a Tai Chi and Kung Fu sword through Classical Chinese Dance.
Splendid China III featured fourteen outstanding guest artists of the Shanghai Dance Company.  Under the helm of Executive Director Gu Cheng Ming, who is committed to producing the most innovative chereography performances by top artists from all over China.  Li Hai Xia, Artistic Director and one of China's National first class dancer.  And Zhang Yun Lei, International Coordinator of the dance company.   
Dance of Asian America, the Houston arts company hosted the Shanghai group and performed their signature dance:  Flower in the Rain, where glistening rain drops bring the blossoming of new life.    
Janie Yao, Executive and Artistic Director of Dance Asian America.  She has trained with Mitsi Dancing School and the Houston Ballet in Chinese Classical and Folk Dance and Ballet.  She has worked with numerous world renowned dancer and master choreographers and cheoreographed many works for the Meadow's Brown Bag Series and other events.
Mitsi Shen, Dance of Asian America Asst Director and International Coordinator.  She graduated with top honors from the Beijing Dance Academy.  She was former principal and respected teacher of the Shanghai Dance Troupe and Shanghai Dance Academy.  She is the director of Mitsi Dancing School, a well-established dance school in the southwest Houston area for more than twenty years. 
Dance Asian America not only introduces diverse audiences to the artistic pleasures of Chinese dance, but also helps audiences gain a better understanding of the history and traditions of China's various nationalities.
This performance was funded in part by:  Houston Endowment, Inc., The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts, The Brown Foundation, Continental Poly Inc. 

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