Anne Rice
Blood Canticle
by: Ms Misha Morê 

   Blood Canticle is Anne Rice's 25th book and her tenth entry in the Vampire Chronicles series.

   Each book in the Chronicles series brings Rice's beloved Lestat along the path toward righeous.  These days, Lestat kills only the wicked and teaches his fledgling vampires to follow his example.

   In Blood Canticle, it centers on Lestat's contuing desire to become a saint.  The character's got a hangover he can't shake from his adventures in Memnoch The Devil, the last Chronicles novels he narrated, in which he met both God and the devil and found himself pretty fairly matched.

   The characer of Lestat was inspired by Rice's husband, Stan, who died last year.  Rice has said that this will be her last book about either witches or vampires and it does have a wrapping-up feel to it.

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